Isaiah. Jeremiah. Ezekiel. Amos. Jonah.

These great prophets of the Old Testament Bible had one thing in common. They all warned of God’s wrath and a coming destruction.

This new book by Dr. Neal Jackson clearly outlines the sins and unheeded warnings of ancient Israel. Jackson overlays this outline with the same sins and unheeded warnings in America today. The pattern is undeniable. Time may be short but hope still exists. See for yourself. You can make a difference.



Truths Grounded in God’s Word

You’ll find it easy to understand and share with others:

  • How God Warns a Nation.
  • How God Rewards a Nation.
  • How God Punishes a Nation.
  • How We Take God’s Goodness for Granted.
  • How We Tend to Forget Our God.
  • How the Fruit of Forgetting God is Pride, which is Often Followed by Destruction.
  • How Nations Go From Being Divinely Blessedto Sovereignly Destroyed.
  • How God’s Mercy and Wrath are Like Rising Water Held Back by a Dam.
  • How to Recognize and Overcome Pride, both as a Nation and In Your Personal Life.
  • How Self-Examination Can Bring Deliverance.

  • Why America’s Repentance Must First Begin with Christians.
  • Why We Neglect God in Good Times and Seek Him in Times of Need.
  • Why Religion Without Repentance is Nothing More Than Superstition.
  • Why America Joins Judah (as told by Isaiah) in the “Dumber Than a Farm Animal” Category.
  • Why the “Root Cause” of America’s Sin is Not What You Think.
  • Why America’s Greatest Threat is Not from the Nations Around Us, but from the God Above Us.
  • Why Great Things Happen When Average People Obey Their Great God.


About the Book

Dr. Neal Jackson’s The Coming Destruction of America is a clarion call to the nation for this hour.  With a pastor’s heart, Dr. Jackson clearly articulates the stipulations given by God for His divine blessing upon a land and the devastating consequences of ignoring those guidelines.  Using the nation of Israel as a model, Dr. Jackson skillfully guides the reader through the workings of God’s promises to a nation and the results of rejecting those promises.

Throughout the Old Testament, God kept His covenantal promises with Israel, blessing them with prosperity and peace.  However, when Israel disregarded God’s precepts, they quickly discovered that many of His blessings were conditional based upon their obedience to His precepts.  This sequence of obedience with reward followed by disobedience with punishment is cyclical in Israel’s history.

While God had a unique relationship with Israel, there are many lessons that can be learned from a serious study of her history that are applicable for any nation or people.  The blessing of following God and the consequence of rejecting Him are eternal principles that any nation can learn from. The Coming Destruction of America, in Dr. Jackson’s informative and captivating style, will equally inspire and challenge every reader.






About the Author


Dr. Neal Jackson is the pastor of the Beulah Baptist Church, in Bennett, North Carolina.  He is the third generation of preachers to be driven by the mandate of taking the gospel to the world. Neal Jackson can be seen across the country through the weekly telecast of Truth for Today which is currently broadcast in over thirty million homes each week by way of television.

Dr. Jackson’s writing, just as his preaching, is centered around the explanation of Scripture as the answer for every problem mankind will ever face.  His passion has always been to encourage people to love and cherish the Bible. God has given Pastor Jackson the ability to answer the modern day problems people face with the truths of Scripture.  He and his wife Tracy have five children: David, Victoria, Reagan, Aiden, and Hayden.


  • “The Coming Destruction of America is a gripping book that I wish every person in our nation would carefully read. Veteran pastor and Christian leader Dr. Neal Jackson explains the urgency for people to understand Biblical judgments on sin because our beloved nation, steeped in disobedience to God, is ripe for punishment today. ”

    Alex Mcfarland, Apologetics North Greenville University, South Carolina

  • “In these days that can be confusing, we need some biblical guidance as to how God judges a wicked land whether Israel or America. Pastor Neal Jackson provides that for us in this excellent volume, “ The Coming Destruction of America.”

    Jerry Vines, past Pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, and two-time President of The Southern Baptist Convention.

  • “America can learn a lot from Israel’s past. The Bible is replete with God’s clarity concerning judgment and blessings. As you read of the sins of the past you will quickly see how America mirrors Israel past. Good news Christ is coming, read and be enlighten and moved to action.”

    Johnny Hunt, Pastor First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA and two-time President of the Southern Baptist Convention

  • “Neal Jackson explains why nations once blessed by God eventually fall under His judgment. This powerful and convicting book needs to be read by every citizen who is concerned about the future of America. Don’t miss this clarion call to repentance and revival”

    Dr. Ed Hindson Founding Dean |Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University

  • “I am thankful that our Lord has touched the heart of my great friend, Dr. Neal Jackson to write The Coming Judgment of America. The content is not the proverbial elephant in the room, because at this point in our history, that elephant is more like a herd of elephants in full charge. It is not our room, but rather our nation, founded upon devout Christian principles, that is under full frontal attack. This book, although extremely serious, gives hope. It calls the church to repentance. ”

    Johnny Pope, Pastor, Christ Church Baptist Fellowship, Houston, TX

  • “Dr. Neal Jackson gives America and the church a strong warning of coming judgment. Read this book, heed this book, and pray for revival.”

    Dr. Herb Reavis, Jr., Pastor North Jacksonville Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida

  • “In the world of books, there are many that CAN BE READ, a host of others that SHOULD BE READ, and a rare few that MUST BE READ. The Coming Destruction of America by Neal Jackson, falls into that "must read category." It is wise, perceptive, and helpful. Read it and be blessed!”

    Junior Hill, Evangelist, Author

  • “For over three decades we have preached this exact message. America is following the doomed footsteps of ancient Israel. For our nation, it is repent or else! Neal Jackson brings this out in a powerful way in The Coming Destruction of America. He is right! Read this book and be biblically informed! ”

    Tim Lee, Evangelist, Author, Trustee Liberty University, Trinity Baptist College

  • “Dr. Neal Jackson’s book is no unhinged diatribe about the nation. He presents a measured and compelling comparison between Israel’s apostasy and America’s godless trajectory. The book is peppered with facts, but it is the expository detail of the Biblical narrative with contemporary reflections that makes the book so forceful. He offers the ancient texts as if they are today’s news reports. The argument he makes is sobering. The concern he raises is convicting. He has given us a call to action – repent or perish.”

    Doug Small, Evangelist, Author, President Alive Ministries and Project Pray

  • “America needs both a prophetic and pastoral voice that will take a skillful look at the scripture and rightly apply it to contemporary culture and current events. Dr. Neal Jackson does this in his book, The Coming Destruction of America. This book is a must read for people that love God and love their country.”

    Tom Messer, Pastor Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, and Chancellor of Trinity Baptist College

  • “David's mighty men had an understanding of the Times to know what Israel ought to do likewise Dr. Neal Jackson in The Coming Destruction of America displays his understanding of these perilous times to know what America ought to do. Return, Repent, it's Revival for Survival.”

    Joe Arthur, Pastor Harvest Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA

  • “Dr. Neal Jackson demonstrates his depth and understanding of the scriptures and the personality of God in his book, “The Coming Destruction of America.” The timing of the book is impeccable as we see the day approaching and is a must read for anyone interested in what is about to happen. ”

    Ray Flynn, President Abraham Productions, Inc.

  • “America has been blessed from its inception because of the dependence, faith and reverence our leaders and citizens placed in the one true God. In his book, “The Coming Destruction of America”, Pastor Jackson clearly defines the parallel paths of rejection and destruction of nations in scripture to that of the path America is traveling today.”

    Dale Lambert, CEO – Randolph Electric

  • “Dr. Neal Jackson’s book, The Coming Destruction of America, is both a wake-up call and a message of hope for America. The Biblical truths so intelligibly shared should open the eyes and stir the heart of every reader to pray fervently and take a bold stand for our sovereign God each day. ”

    Gayle Kurdian, President/CEO, Matlab, Inc.


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