• “The Coming Destruction of America is a gripping book that I wish every person in our nation would carefully read. Veteran pastor and Christian leader Dr. Neal Jackson explains the urgency for people to understand Biblical judgments on sin because our beloved nation, steeped in disobedience to God, is ripe for punishment today. ”

    Alex Mcfarland, Apologetics North Greenville University, South Carolina

  • “In these days that can be confusing, we need some biblical guidance as to how God judges a wicked land whether Israel or America. Pastor Neal Jackson provides that for us in this excellent volume, “ The Coming Destruction of America.”

    Jerry Vines, past Pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, and two-time President of The Southern Baptist Convention.

  • “America can learn a lot from Israel’s past. The Bible is replete with God’s clarity concerning judgment and blessings. As you read of the sins of the past you will quickly see how America mirrors Israel past. Good news Christ is coming, read and be enlighten and moved to action.”

    Johnny Hunt, Pastor First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA and two-time President of the Southern Baptist Convention