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The Upside Down Way to Success

The Upside Down Way to Success is a lifetime study of God’s Promises for success and favor in every area of life. Dr. Neal Jackson clearly explains from a pastor’s heart, what God requires to gain His blessing upon your life, marriage or business.

These principles have been practiced since the beginning of time and proven to work for people of all ages, economic classes, or races. Equally as important, Pastor Jackson also explains how not practicing these principles will assure failure and defeat in your life.

The Upside Down Way to Success is not just a book to be read, it is a book to be lived. Read each page with the goal that you will believe the Words of God and put them into practice in your life each day. As you read these pages, may you discover true lasting success in every situation and setting of your life, but also that God gives them abundantly as promised to those who follow Him.


About the Author

Dr. Neal Jackson is the pastor of the Beulah Baptist Church, in Bennett, North Carolina. He is the third generation of preachers to be driven by the mandate of taking the gospel to the world. Neal Jackson can be seen across the country through the weekly telecast of Truth for Today which is currently broadcast in over thirty million homes each week by way of television and radio.

Dr. Jackson’s writing, just as his preaching, is centered around that of encouraging people to love God’s Word and exhibit it in their daily lives. He has said many, many times, “I’m not called to give you my opinion, I’ve been called to give you God’s opinion.”

Dr. Jackson is a man who practices and promotes the belief that prayer releases the super natural and miraculous power of God in the life of the humble believer. His other passion in life is missions for which he has traveled extensively teaching and preaching around the globe. The highlight of most years in his schedule is the time he is allowed to escape the comfortable life of America for the inconvenienced life of a third world country so he can fulfill the role of ambassador for the King of Kings.

Dr. Jackson met the love of his life sitting in alphabetical order in a college class behind a Miss. Tracy Jackson. For twenty five years they have been serving Christ together as a team and God has greatly blessed them with five children, David, Victoria, Reagan, Aiden, Hayden.

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