Truths Grounded in God’s Word

You’ll find it easy to understand and share with others:

  • How God Warns a Nation.
  • How God Rewards a Nation.
  • How God Punishes a Nation.
  • How We Take God’s Goodness for Granted.
  • How We Tend to Forget Our God.
  • How the Fruit of Forgetting God is Pride, which is Often Followed by Destruction.
  • How Nations Go From Being Divinely Blessedto Sovereignly Destroyed.
  • How God’s Mercy and Wrath are Like Rising Water Held Back by a Dam.
  • How to Recognize and Overcome Pride, both as a Nation and In Your Personal Life.
  • How Self-Examination Can Bring Deliverance.

  • Why America’s Repentance Must First Begin with Christians.
  • Why We Neglect God in Good Times and Seek Him in Times of Need.
  • Why Religion Without Repentance is Nothing More Than Superstition.
  • Why America Joins Judah (as told by Isaiah) in the “Dumber Than a Farm Animal” Category.
  • Why the “Root Cause” of America’s Sin is Not What You Think.
  • Why America’s Greatest Threat is Not from the Nations Around Us, but from the God Above Us.
  • Why Great Things Happen When Average People Obey Their Great God.